NAEH: Latest federal data on scope of homelessness

New Federal Data Should Drive Urgency on Homelessness

The latest federal data on homelessness is out: it shows that there are 567,715 people experiencing homelessness on any given night in the United States. That figure is up since 2018 by 2.7 percent, but is down 12 percent since 2007.

Despite the increase overall, there have been key decreases in homelessness for certain populations: people in families saw a decrease of 5 percent, while veterans have declined 2.1 percent. In fact, family homelessness has declined every year since 2012. And veteran homelessness went down eight of the past nine years. 

This year's data shows progress -- results that wouldn't be possible without the commitment of providers, advocates, community leaders, and donors.

But the overall increase in homelessness must motivate urgency among us all.

Alliance President & CEO Nan Roman:
"Any increase in homelessness is bad news. But we must be clear about the causes and solutions. This isn't the fault of the homelessness sector, and it is not the fault of people experiencing homelessness. It is the fault of systems that have failed our most vulnerable populations, and leaders who have failed to protect them. Our charge for 2020 is to remain committed to the best practices in ending homelessness, and to remain resolved to addressing the systems that cause people to become homeless."

Communities are working hard to house people, and they're doing it by embracing the evidence on what is proven to work.

We know that with greater federal and local investments, a bigger commitment to affordable housing, and continued collaboration with partners like you, we can end homelessness.

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