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Proposed CRA Changes Would be Disastrous

Week of January 6
Olivia Rebanal, Capital Impact Partners
Historically, communities of color have been barred from full participation in the nation’s food economy, but today, a number of initiatives are working to bring about greater economic opportunity in the industry. Here are some of their strategies. Read Full Article
Jaime Weisberg, Association of Neighborhood & Housing Development 
Though the Community Reinvestment Act is lesser-known to the general public than other civil rights laws the current administration has been attacking, currently proposed changes to the CRA would prove disastrous for marginalized communities, because . . . Read Full Article
Interview by Miriam Axel-Lute, Shelterforce
An Indianapolis-based organization successfully campaigned to bring more funding to the county’s mass transit system. How did the organization balance the tension between expanding rail line service and improving bus service, and ensure race was at the forefront of the conversation? Read Full Article
From the Shelterforce archive:
Miriam Axel-Lute, Shelterforce
Vacant and abandoned properties seem like a quintessentially local problem. And yet, much of the key policy action in the fight against vacancy is actually at the state levelRead Full Article
Please Tell Us!
Inform Shelterforce Coverage on CRA Reform
Is your community development work significantly funded, or your projects significantly financed, by CRA-regulated entities? Would you talk to Shelterforce about specifically how much, and what potential changes to the CRA regs could mean for your organization?
Send us your responses here, by January 15th, 2020.

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You Said It
Johnny King: This is true. Just like any business there is a point at which the price and in turn profit gets so low it’s not even worth . . . Via Twitter

Michael Lewyn: This article explains why even though I am much more pro-market and pro-YIMBY than most readers and commenters here, I still favor public housing. Read More

Brandon Kovnat: It is not merely a housing problem it is an income problem. For low-income areas and low-income households, the greatest improvement in housing will come from . . . Read More

Philip Garboden: Once more for the people in the back: the housing crisis is not a unitary phenomenon with a unitary solution. We’re (collectively) smart enough to work on multiple fronts. Via Twitter

Mission Driven Finance: PSA: Let's not call middle-income housing “workforce housing.” There's a whole lot of workforce making less than 60% AMI and there’s more to life than being part of the workforce. Oldie but goodie from @miriam_mjoy @Shelterforce. Via Twitter

Claas Ehlers: This article is a couple years old but still relevant. It's not saying RRH or HF are not good solutions, but that the challenges are complex & the solutions must be highly nuanced and locally driven. Via Twitter

Steve Lockwood: What about a mixed system — that would get riders to nearby bus transfer stations using microtransit? In a sprawled, nondense, very low income neighborhood like ours, we don’t see another alternative. Read More

Colleen Casey: Thanks @shelterforce for a very pragmatic read on the complexities of gentrification and importance of understanding the root causes before policy action. Via Twitter
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