ShelterForce: Redlining Returns in CRA Reform Proposal

Week of January 13
In this Issue: Redevelopment That Preserves Cultural HeritageUsing Ride-Hailing Services to Get Patients to Their Doctors Redlining Would Be Revived Under CRA Reform Proposal Tiny Houses—Not a Big Enough Solution Also: Jobs In Case You Missed It +
Frank Woodruff, NACEDA
In an attempt to make compliance easier for banks, regulators are proposing to incentivize the very thing the Community Reinvestment Act was written to fight. Read Full Article
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Amanda Abrams, Shelterforce
Health care providers and insurers, including Medicaid, are trying out new transportation models that could vastly benefit their patients—and their bottom lines. Here are some of the ups and downsRead Full Article
Johanna Gilligan, Homewise Inc.
Preserving and fortifying longstanding culture is key to social cohesion in a community. How can we make sure its given equal priority when planning for and funding redevelopment? Read Full Article
Miles Howard, Shelterforce
Tiny houses are a step up from shelter beds, but are they also a distraction from real, obvious solutions to our homelessness epidemic? Read Full Article

Friday, Jan. 31, 2 p.m. ET | The Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies will release America’s Rental Housing 2020, a new report discussing the rental affordability crisis in America. The release will be held at the Minneapolis Federal Reserve, and will also be live-streamed. Register here.
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You Said It

Sheryll Cashin: This is disturbing but standard for a Trump administration that has been gutting civil rights laws that were designed to fight redlining and housing discrimination in black and brown communities. A policy built on lies and damn lies. Via Twitter

Kimberly Toskey: This is disheartening! The CRA forced banks to provide services, invest funds and give grants to people and projects within the community that otherwise were ignored! Via LinkedIn

Steve S.: North Broad in Philadelphia is the example I’m most familiar with, but Brush Park in Detroit is the most iconic example. In both cases, however, we’re looking at neighborhoods built for the very rich that experienced extreme downfiltering—that is, they became . . . Read More

Hcat: . . . I live in an area where people literally buy a house and then take it down and put in what they want instead. Read More

Elizabeth Alley: This is a great article. Let’s move beyond Econ 101 and get effective and honest in our aim to ameliorate housing affordability. Via Twitter

Stanley Hirtle: Isn’t the biggest problem inadequate and contingent incomes by those on the bottom and increasingly the middle of the income spectrum? As robots do more and more people become interchangeable and . . . Read More

Mina: Writing from Durham, N.C.–This is the ironic thing about housing justice movements; they’re virtually non-existent in the places where they’d make the most difference, where development is only starting to . . . Read More

Merylynne Hern: Well-said. I was homeless for a time and know the treatment of the homeless has to change. I know that our shelter and post-housing needs to change. I see a few towns now providing . . . Read More

Juan Manuel del Rio: As long as housing becomes mainly a commodity, disconnected from the neighbors, neighborhood, and shelter or housing first, the milkers/flippers will destroy the fabric of society to earn a buck. Vulture economics is what I call this trend. Via LinkedIn
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