CoC case study: Extending HMIS to address broader community needs

Case study: Flagler Health+ and Care Connect

Learn how one CoC built a network to address SDoH in their community
Flagler Health+ has coordinated a network of 40 local organizations to address social determinants of health in their community. This free case study outlines the steps this Continuum of Care (CoC) lead agency took to unify community-based organizations and healthcare professionals under a single system for intake, assessment, eligibility screening, referrals, and care coordination — using their HMIS for more than ending homelessness. 
This case study offers powerful lessons for community leaders who want to build a comprehensive approach that improves health and well-being. Read how Flagler overcame technology obstacles and effectively advocated for change. Download your free copy now!

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WellSky's deep experience in human services can help you do more for your community. Our Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) is used by 60% of the nation's Continuums of Care to simplify coordinated entry, provider management, and HUD reporting. We also work with The Salvation Army and affiliates of the United Way, Volunteers of America, and other organizations to simplify intake, streamline care management, track funding, and achieve better outcomes across many different programs. Learn more.