FUEL FUND OF MD: Surviving Winter

When winter weather arrives, most of us can boost up our heating thermostat without a second thought. For the 4,731 vulnerable neighbors we served last year, increasing the heat in their homes is sadly not an option, as choosing to keep warm during these cold and isolating winter months means using finances that would otherwise go towards necessitites such as housing, food and/or medicine.

Last winter, the Fuel Fund of Maryland established the Surviving Winter Campaign to raise additional funds and awareness for our vulnerable neighbors who were struggling to pay their home utility bills during the cold, winter months.

Because of your generosity, we raised $85,305.14 which allowed us to provide utility assistance to an additional 341 households during the winter! 

"Sam [Utility Crisis Manager] was a godsend.  I was so scared, and Sam was so helpful and kind. If it wasn't for the Fuel Fund, I still wouldn't have heat.  Until it's happened to you, you'll never understand what people without heat go through.  Nobody should have to go cold.  I will be forever grateful to the Fuel Fund. You really help people."

Ms. Beverly Fletcher, Client, Surviving Winter Campaign recipient

With colder temperatures upon us, the Fuel Fund of Maryland extends a second-year challenge to you:  if your household can afford to live in comfort this winter season, please help a household who is unable to.  Your donation to the Surviving Winter Campaign will go directly to provide warmth, safety and comfort to a household who is struggling with a utility crisis.

"It's a miserable feeling being cold.  I have the luxury of being able to turn up the heat a few degrees if I'm cold.  We tend to keep our house on the cool side, but I am always grateful that I have the option to bump up the thermostat a few degrees without having to worry about other expenses.  For those struggling to get by, just a few degrees are a luxury that can't be afforded without sacri´Čücing other essentials. I contribute to the Surviving Winter Campaign so that people can feel a little more 'at home' at home."

 A note from Mrs. J. Davidson, Surviving Winter Campaign Donor
Please give the gift of warmth, safety and comfort today by making a donation online. Many thanks for your support and participation in our second Surviving Winter Campaign.


-The Fuel Fund of Maryland Staff