HUD: New Moving On: How-To Guide for Public Housing Agencies

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New Moving On: How-To Guide for Public Housing Agencies
Moving On enables individuals and families who are able and want to move on from permanent supportive housing (PSH) to do so by providing them with sustainable, affordable housing options through mainstream systems, including Public Housing and Housing Choice Vouchers. HUD is pleased to announce the release of a new resource to help support the development of Moving On initiatives, the Public Housing Agency (PHA) Moving On: How-To Guide.

HUD created this guide to help PHAs understand how to get involved with Moving On efforts, and how such efforts can benefit their agency and the wider community. PHAs play a critical role in Moving On by providing access to affordable housing and support that is essential to successful implementation. PHAs may find the guide particularly helpful as they work to update Administrative Plan language and work with community partners to develop a plan for referrals. The guide will also provide useful information to Continuums of Care (CoCs) on how to effectively engage PHAs as partners for Moving On efforts.

The PHA Moving On: How-To Guide is the newest document in an expanding collection of resources and tools designed to support communities in developing and operating high-quality Moving On initiatives, which are available on the Moving On resources page. In the coming year, HUD will also make available resources for PSH providers on how to offer effective Moving On services.

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