WEBINAR: Comprehensive Critical Incident Management

Presented by ADvancing States and sponsored by WellSky... 
Critical Incident Management: Core elements to enhance your approach
Tuesday, Feb 25 | 2 pm ET / 11 am PT 
The State of Louisiana has launched a new Critical Incident Management that protects the health and safety of its citizens by consolidating data from federal and state agencies, health care and direct service providers, and consumers and their families. This webinar outlines how the innovative approach can:
  • Identify and resolve incidents to support waiver participant safety; 
  • Mitigate preventable incidents;
  • Provide insights into trends and problems to reduce risks and improve quality of services.
While HCBS waiver programs are required to provide safeguards for the health and safety or participants, most of these solutions are not interoperable, and therefore incidents reported in one system are hidden from other programs. This opens the door to repeat occurrences that would be preventable in a shared data system.
Discover how the State was able to encourage hospitals, government agencies, service providers, and other essential stakeholders to work together for the safety of Louisiana consumers.

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