WellSky Important HUD SPM Reports Update

WellSky important update

WellSky discovered an issue in the following SPM reports and new versions will be released:
  • 0700 - Length of Time Persons Homeless-Metric 1 - v7
  • 0700.1b - Length of Time Persons Homeless-Metric 1 - v8
WellSky is working address Project Type for PH projects, Housing Move In Date Timestamps and several other minor changes in the above reports. We anticipate releasing the 0700 report in the automapper over this weekend.  If possible, we will release the 0700.1b simultaneously.  If not, it will be released the weekend of February 15 th and 16th. WellSky has finished mapping the 0640 HUD Data Quality Report Framework V9 report to all customer sites.

The SPM/DQF reports are due to HUD by end of business on Friday, February 28th, 2020. Until the revised reports are released we recommend reviewing the results of the other SPM/DQF reports in preparation for inputting the data into the HUD website. For your convenience here is the list of the other SPM/DQ reports and their current version as of 02/06/2020:

  • 0640 - HUD Data Quality Report Framework - v9
  • 0701 - Exits to Permanent Housing with Returns to Homelessness, Metric 2 - v9
  • 0702 - Number of Homeless Persons - Metric 3.2 - v4
  • 0703 - Employment and Income Growth for CoC Funded Projects Metric 4 - v7
  • 0704 - Number of First Time Homeless, Metric 5 - v6
  • 0706 - Permanent Housing Placement-Retention Metric 7 - v10

Please create a case in the Customer Community if you have further questions.