WellSky important update

WellSky has now applied a hotfix to the "CoC-APR 2019" and "ESG CAPER 2019" reports today, Monday March 2 nd, 2020. This hotfix applies changes to how dates with time stamps and dates without time stamps are handled in the reports. This will impact the whole report but changes for Approximate Date of Homelessness Started, Date of Engagement and Housing Move-In Date will impact these questions on the reports (Please note some questions only appear on "CoC-APR 2019":
  • Question 6d: Data Quality: Chronically Homeless
  • Question 6f: Data Quality: Inactive Records: Street Outreach and Emergency Shelter
  • Question 7a: Number of Persons Served
  • Question 7b: Point-in-Time Count of Persons on Last Wednesday (Only appears on "CoC-APR 2019")
  • Question 8a: Number of Households Served
  • Question 8b: Point-in-Time Count of Households on Last Wednesday
  • Question 9a: Number of Persons Contacted
  • Question 9b: Number of Persons Engaged
  • Question 22c: Length of Time between Project Start Date and Housing Move-In Date
  • Question 22e: Length of Time Prior to Housing - based on 3.917 Date Homelessness Started

Please create a case in the Customer Community if you have further questions.