NAEH: New Report on COVID-19 and Homelessness

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New CDC Guidance: Unsheltered Homelessness and COVID-19

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released new guidance on responding to the COVID-19 outbreak among people experiencing unsheltered homelessness.

This guidance is intended to support response planning by local and state health departments, homelessness service systems, housing authorities, emergency planners, healthcare facilities, and homeless outreach services.

Key takeaways include the importance of providing information to people experiencing homelessness, not clearing encampments, creating isolation housing, recommendations for outreach staff, and more.

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New Report: Impacts of COVID-19 on People Experiencing Homelessness

A new report from researchers at the University of Pennsylvania, UCLA, and Boston University project impacts of the coronavirus outbreak on people experiencing homelessness: homeless individuals infected by COVID-19 would be twice as likely to be hospitalized, two to four times as likely to require critical care, and two to three times as likely to die than the general population.

Researchers estimate that $11.5 billion will be needed to appropriately prevent and manage the spread of COVID-19 among people experiencing homelessness.

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Take Action: Funding for Homeless Programs During COVID-19

Congress will be deciding on what will be in an emergency spending response bill for coronavirus in the very near future.

Tell your Member of Congress why it's critical that programs serving people experiencing homelessness must receive funding in this crisis, and why communities like yours need funding to address the pandemic.

The Alliance is working with Congress to advocate for the inclusion of homelessness and housing programs, but it's also important that your Members of Congress hear directly from you and others in their district.

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Coronavirus Resources

The Alliance is continually compiling resources on the homelessness system response to COVID-19 as they become available. Please consult the available resources on the Alliance's Coronavirus and Homelessness page as you formulate your organization or CoC response.

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