(CSH) Weekly COVID-19 Webinar and Resource Digest

COVID-19 Weekly Webinar Series

Planning for Homeless Response After the Immediate Crisis

Tuesday, May 5
1:00-1:30pm ET

Public sector and nonprofit leaders in Chicago are taking proactive measures to further prevent the spread of COVID-19 among people experiencing homelessness by retooling their housing placement process while also considering how emergency practices today may foster system changes that last beyond the crisis. Our next webinar will feature CSH Chicago-based staff and representatives from All Chicago who will discuss their new COVID-19 Expedited Housing Initiative
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COVID-19 Weekly Resource Digest

Below are highlights of resources and guidance shared through our Supportive Housing Community Platform page. This free platform is for supportive housing providers to share resources and best practices, and ask questions of your peers around what's happening in light of the current pandemic. Click here to join the Community Platform or visit our COVID-19 webpage for more information and resources. If you do not already have a login for our Training Center you will need to create one to access the platform. Click here to download the instructions on how to create a log in and access the community platform.

  1. Study of Prevalence of COVID in Homeless Shelters in 4 U.S. Cities (Boston, Seattle, Atlanta & San Francisco) - Centers for Disease Control
  2. Expedited Housing Initiative - All Chicago
  3. Federal Programs that Support Individuals Experiencing Homelessness - USICH
  4. Alameda County COVID-19 Isolation and Social Distancing Emergency Housing
  5. National Guidance on Emergency Homeless Services for Youth & Young Adults - A Way Home America

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