Federal Bill to Cancel Rent Introduced

Week of April 20
In this Issue: Lending for Reentry What Could a Joe Biden Presidency Accomplish on Affordable Housing? Ilhan Omar Proposes Bill to Cancel Rent, Mortgage Payments During Pandemic A Letter from A Starving Artist Also: Jobs ● Events● Resources ● You Said It In Case You Missed It +
Leslie Kimiko Ward, artist and social entrepreneur
As many turn to the healing and supportive work of artists during this time, we’re reminded that artists need support, too—possibly more than many of us. Read Full Article
Miriam Axel-Lute, Shelterforce
Rep. Omar’s bill would release tenants and homeowners from housing payments until the national emergency is lifted, and would make up the losses to landlords and lenders through a federal fund. Read Full Article
Josh Cohen, Shelterforce
Democratic presidential candidates made the housing crisis part of their platforms. What might a President Biden do to ease the shortage? Read Full Article
Amanda Abrams, Shelterforce 
CDFIs and other nonprofits are figuring out how to help people returning from incarceration build credit histories and access capital in order to get their lives going—and maybe even create their own businesses. Read Full Article
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Wednesday, April 22, 2:30 p.m. ET | Saving the Economy and Avoiding Housing Crisis in the Wake of COVID-19 | This webinar from NYU and The Century Foundation will discuss Congress’ emergency response to the pandemic, the likely impact of the relief measures, and what actions lawmakers should take next to ensure an inclusive, equitable economic recovery, as well as the housing side of the recovery and avoiding another housing crisis. There will be a Q & A after the discussion. Register here.

Tuesday, May 5, 2 p.m. ET | How Affordable Housing and Nonprofit Service Providers Can Help Low-Wage Earners during COVID-19 and Beyond | An interview presented by Enterprise Community Partners, with Raphael Bostic, president and chief executive officer of Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta. Register here.

Americans for the Arts COVID-19 Impact Survey for arts and culture organizations | This survey is designed to collect information about the financial and human impacts that the spread of the coronavirus has had on arts and cultural organizations.

The Impact of Chronic Underfunding on America’s Public Health System. | The annual report by Trust for America’s Health, examines federal, state, and local public health funding trends and recommends investments and policies to build a stronger system, prioritize prevention, and effectively address 21st century health risks.

NLIHC's Searchable Database | The National Low Income Housing Coalition has created a searchable database and interactive map of multifamily rental properties covered under the CARES Act to help renters learn whether they are protected from eviction.
You Said It

Jimmy Gastner: Thanks @Shelterforce and @FurmanCenterNYU for explaining the need for safe housing during #COVID. Via Twitter

Dr. Olivia Lynch: Thank you for the article. We have chosen to live with inequality. Before COVID-19 we went comfortably to bed every night with astounding academic achievement gaps, under supported schools and educators, known school to prison pipelines, unequal teaching and learning and more. While we write much about this . . . Read More

Partners for Dignity and Rights: We need systemic change that prevents landlords from this cruel and dangerous behavior. Via Twitter

Nico Calavita: Of course! Yes, we ALSO need construction of millions of federally funded new units, but a phased plan as proposed should be an essential element of a strategy to make housing stable for low-income families. Read More
Special Assistant to the Executive Director, Center for Community Investment, Washington, D.C. ● This is a new position designed to support CCI’s busy Executive Director who oversees CCI’s program, communications, leadership development, and operations teams; participates actively in CCI’s community investment and leadership development programs . . . Read Full Listing
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