HUD’s Distressed Cities Technical Assistance Program

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HUD's Distressed Cities Technical Assistance Program
If you work for a local government (tribe, city, town, village, county, etc.) that serves a small community, keep reading! This program may be able to directly benefit your local government operations and community.

The Distressed Cities Technical Assistance (DCTA) program supports small units of general local government (UGLGs) that are distressed and have recently been impacted by a natural disaster. Specifically, the DCTA program is designed to improve the fiscal health and administrative capacity of small UGLGs.
  • Learn More & Request TA: Visit the DCTA program page to learn more about how the DCTA program defines “small,” “distressed,” and “impacted by a natural disaster.” This page provides additional information about the program, including specific eligibility criteria, instructions for requesting assistance, and FAQs.
  • Access Resources: Visit the *new* DCTA Resources page to access a variety of resources relevant to small UGLGs, including webinars, tools, and funding opportunities. This page includes resources for responding to COVID-19. Note: You do not have to be a participant in the DCTA program to access these resources.
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