Password Reset Email Reminder

WellSky important update

WellSky continues to implement the most secure and up-to-date user experience for end users of Community Services (ServicePoint).  As previously announced in the upgrade to Community Services 5.12.70; in an upgrade at the end of April; we will implement a requirement for each end user to have a unique email address.
With the Forgot Password feature, which sends password reset information to a user's email address, all users will soon be required to have a unique email address.  In preparation for this change we created an export last fall for your site that will show you a list of users with duplicate or missing email addresses that need to be fixed before the future update to ServicePoint.  System Administrators can go to "Admin" and then "XML Exports" to run this export. The new export is named "Duplicate Emails Export".
End users can view/edit their email address information by clicking on the sprocket icon next to their name in the upper-right hand corner after logging into Community Services (ServicePoint). More information can be seen in the "Forgot Password Documentation 05/01/2019" document available in the "HACS ServicePoint Admin" library in the Customer Community.

Please create a case in the Customer Community if you have further questions.