Qlik Sense Update

WellSky important update

WellSky is pleased to announce new additions to our Qlik Sense Client App base sheet library which will be available by end of business on April 17th, 2020:
  • INF100 - Client COVID-19 Survey - v01    
  • PRO102 – Program Demographics – v01
The INF100 sheet is the first in a small initial series of COVID-19 related sheets meant to report on data collected from the recently released COVID-19 assessment. The INF100 sheet displays information related to various lengths of time between COVID-19 related date fields, with distribution counts of testing results over age, gender and symptoms.

For the Qlik Sense COVID-19 sheets to function correctly, the assessment must be assigned to a Provider and have data recorded. Otherwise an "Invalid Visualization" will display in Qlik Sense when the sheets are accessed.
The PRO102 sheet is the Qlik Sense remake of the ART report "0323 – Project Demographics", which reports on the demographics of clients based on Entry Exit records.
In addition to the sheets listed above, we are also planning an update to the Admin App base sheet library by end of business on April 22nd, 2020:
  • REQ101 – Housing Inventory Count – v01
This is the Qlik Sense remake of the ART report "0629 – Housing Inventory Count", complete with the updated dedicated bed fields.

Please review the forthcoming "Qlik Sense – Base Sheet Release 2020-04 – Client App" document in the "HACS ServicePoint Qlik FAQs and Release Notes" Customer Community library and the "REQ101 - Housing Inventory Chart - v01 - USER GUIDE" document in the "HACS ServicePoint Qlik User Guides" Customer Community library for more details.