(WellSky) Qlik Sense Update

WellSky important update

WellSky is pleased to announce new additions to our Qlik Sense Client App base sheet library. The update will take place on Thursday, April 30th.. Following the update, the Client App will be unavailable until after the next Client App refresh/rebuild. 
The new sheets are as follows:
  • INF101 – COVID-19 Statistics - v01    
  • DQA105 – Data Incongruity Locator – v01
The INF101 sheet is the second in a small initial series of COVID-19-related sheets meant to report upon data collected from the recently-released COVID-19 assessment. The INF101 sheet displays quick and easy to read statistics on COVID-19-related fields and also includes data on clients with possible underlying conditions. 
For the Qlik Sense COVID-19 sheets to function correctly, the assessment must be assigned to a Provider and have data recorded. Otherwise, an "Invalid Visualization" will display in Qlik Sense when the sheets are accessed.
The DQA Data Incongruity Locator sheet is the Qlik Sense remake of the ART report "0220 Data Incongruity Report," which reports on various data incongruities related to a client record.
Please create a case in the Customer Community if you have further questions.