(NHSDC) Reminder: NHSDC-HUD Virtual Sessions this week

NHSDC-HUD Virtual Sessions:
Still time to join the fun!

We started the NHSDC-HUD virtual sessions yesterday and so far, so good! You can still join any of the sessions going on today or tomorrow.  You may access the schedule at this link: https://www.hudexchange.info/trainings/spring-2020-nhsdc-hud-virtual-conference/

What You Need to Know
  • There will be three to four 60 minute time slots each day with two sessions running concurrently, and all content will be recorded so you can be sure to not miss a thing.
  • These sessions are open to anyone who wants to attend, no payment or registration is required. You may review the schedule here - when the webinar times arrive just click the link and join!
  • After the event, look for a follow up email from NHSDC with an evaluation survey.
  • HUD is offering a Certificate-of-Completion for completing four of the seven sessions within the HMIS Foundations track during next week’s NHSDC-HUD Virtual Sessions.

    To earn credit for completion of sessions, please make sure you include your contact details (Name, email address) when you “Join the session” for any of the following courses:

    HMIS Project Set-up 101 (Monday 12pm ET)
    Implementing Effective Contract Negotiation and Relationship Management Strategies 101 (Monday 1:30pm ET)
    HMIS Governance 101 (Tuesday 10:30am ET)
    HMIS Project Set-up 201 (Tuesday 12:00pm ET)
    HMIS Project Monitoring (Tuesday 1:30pm ET)
    Achieving a Quality and Stable HMIS Staffing Pattern (Wednesday 12:00pm)
    HMIS Lead Monitoring (Wednesday 3:00pm ET)

    Please visit https://www.hudexchange.info/trainings/spring-2020-nhsdc-hud-virtual-conference/ to “Join the session” and for more information.
Please direct any questions to info@nhsdc.org.

For more information on NHSDC and our conferences, please visit our website, nhsdc.org.