(PolicyMap) Data Reveals Underpinnings of Racial Inequities

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Special Edition Newsletter: COVID-19 Preparedness
Dig Deeper Into Racial Disparities with PolicyMap
Communities across the United States are reckoning with structural racism as protests continue over the police killings of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and many other Black and Brown people. Maps and data can provide quantitative confirmation of stories of racism that many already know, and can guide policymakers when reforming public policy to serve all residents.

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Data on the Racial Wealth Gap
Economic inequality along racial and ethnic lines, often called the "racial wealth gap" is among the topics gaining prominence in today's discourse. Eliminating the racial wealth gap requires an increased focus on structural and institutional racism; data can inform interventions.

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Addressing Racial Inequality by Investigating Mortgage Denials
Home ownership has traditionally been one of the main vehicles for accumulating and inheriting wealth in the United States. But not everyone has an equal chance to purchase a home.

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In case you missed it
The New York Times worked with PolicyMap to develop an index of health risk to severe COVID-19 illness in an article titled, "Where Chronic Health Conditions and Coronavirus Could Collide." Download the NYT Health Risk data.
The Washington Post used PolicyMap's exclusive estimates of underlying health conditions in an article titled, "How the Coronavirus Exposed Health Disparities in Communities of Color."
PolicyMap has launched a COVID-19 Special Edition Resource that brings together our publicly available Quick Maps Tool, articles, blogs and stories about how PolicyMap users are solving COVID-19 problems with our data.