(Shelter Force) Rent During COVID—A Shelterforce Collection

Photo by Joseph Smooke, courtesy of the Housing Rights Committee of San Francisco
The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted just how much our entire housing system is dependent on rent—rent that many people already can’t afford, and are one income disruption or medical crisis away from not being able to pay. Shelterforce has been following the effects of the pandemic on renters and housing providers and the various solutions being raised to deal with the precarious situation—recent data found that in New York City 25 percent of rent didn’t get paid in May. Here’s a round up of Shelterforce articles that will give you a good introduction to the players, issues, and proposals on the table.
Miriam Axel-Lute, Shelterforce
The growing organizing demand to cancel rent raises a host of questions for the affordable housing movement. Read More  
Josh Cohen, Shelterforce
A closer look at the rent relief proposals on the federal level, and some of the local and state efforts already underway. Read More
Minhae Roth, Shelterforce
As they organize for immediate relief for those whose housing is affected by the pandemic, tenant leaders are also building power to demand long-term changes. Read More
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