(ShelterForce) We Have to Talk About Police Violence Directly

Week of June 8
In this Issue: Flexibility Key to Vermont Nonprofit’s COVID-19 Homeless Housing PivotCommunity Organizations Have to Talk About Police Violence Directly ● Also: Jobs ● Events ● You Said It ● In Case You Missed It +
Miriam Axel-Lute, Shelterforce
It’s easy to quickly refocus the conversation on the problems our organizations are set up to fix—here’s why we shouldn’t. Read Full Article
Nicole Martinez, Shelterforce
This Vermont nonprofit was able to turn an existing facility into COVID isolation housing in a matter of days. What allowed them to be so nimble? Read Full Article
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Thursday, June 11, 2 p.m. ET | The Fed and Main Street: The Immigrant Experience during COVID-19 | The Federal Reserve Bank of New York invites you to participate in a webinar with key advocates and community organizations to highlight the experiences and challenges of immigrant populations during the pandemic, how local municipalities, grassroots organizations, immigrants’ home countries, and the private sector are working to tailor solutions to address financial and economic disparities, and more. Register here.

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You Said It

Barb Van Kerkhove: . . . It speaks to all I am feeling & ever more committed to. Via Twitter

Raymond Neirinckx: . . . My first issue I remember was from 1982 when it was in a newspaper-format. I was unemployed working at a social change group in Providence. There was an ad from the Progressive Planners for a Summer Institute at Tufts University. I attended that Summer Institute on Local Economic Development with Richard Shramm. It was career changing for me. Shelterforce has been a critical part of my toolbox of knowledge threads supporting a new generation of Houser and CED practitioners . . . Read More

Dan Pence: I agree that expanded federal programming for housing is needed and necessary, but it will not fix the problem. Vouchers are useless unless they are used. Too many times we see people who are sitting on a wait list for a voucher, get one, only to find that they cannot find an apartment that is decent, safe . . . Read More
NLIHC Housing Policy Analyst/Senior Housing Policy Analyst, National Low Income Housing Coalition, Washington, D.C. ● NLIHC seeks a housing policy analyst/senior housing policy analyst (depending on experience) responsible for identifying, analyzing, advocating, and engaging the Coalition’s membership and network in action on federal policy and regulatory activities related to . . . Read Full Listing
Chief Executive Officer, Shelterforce, Montclair, NJ ● Shelterforce seeks a publisher/executive director to advance its mission, grow its audience and influence, and strategically and sustainably guide the organization through an evolving and dynamic media landscape. Read Full Listing
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