(SSVF) Program Update Friday, June 26th, 2020

From: Supportive Services for Veteran Families
Date: June 26, 2020 at 10:05:28 AM EDT
Subject: SSVF Program Update Friday, June 26th, 2020


1.    IMPORTANT: Stafford Act regulatory exemptions expected to continue at least through the end of calendar year
2.    REQUIREMENT:  Emergency Housing Assistance (EHA) GIFTS Requirement Due Tuesday June 30th, 2020
3.    SHOUT OUT:  SSVF Program Office Collaboration Highlight

IMPORTANT:  Stafford Act regulatory exemptions expected to continue at least through the end of calendar year.

CARES funding provided to all Grantees should cover expenses incurred through the target date of 07/31/2020 (except for Grantees who were provided a different target date by the Program Office).  This target date is INDEPENDENT of the term covered by the Stafford Act.  The Stafford Act, and all the SSVF program flexibilities outlined in previous webinars, FAQs, etc. will remain in place until disaster declarations (and attendant Stafford Act exemptions) are officially rescinded.  It is expected that Grantees will then have a 90-day grace period where Stafford Act exemptions will remain in place.,

In the meantime, please continue to scale up operations and spending until the SSVF Program Office communicates additional guidance about the status of the Stafford Act.  This means increased spending rates should be continued until CARES as well as FY20 funds are exhausted.  Additionally, guidance regarding the close out of CARES and FY20 funding will be forthcoming on future office hours calls.  

REQUIREMENT:  Emergency Housing Assistance (EHA) GIFTS Requirement Due Tuesday June 30th, 2020

The SSVF Program Office is requesting the EHA data from all grantees for the period March 17 to June 26. This information is essential in the reporting process of CARES Funding and must be submitted by June 30th.  SSVF Providers must continue to ensure that EHA placements happen quickly, and grantees should continue to evaluate their referral process to identify and eliminate any barriers to accessing this resource.

The GIFTS online requirement form, SSVF CARES EHA, is now visible in the GIFTS account portal; the portal can be found at: https://grantrequest.com/SID_2115

SHOUT OUT: SSVF Program Office Collaboration Highlight

The SSVF Program Office would like to take the opportunity to highlight outstanding collaborations between Volunteers of America Mid-States and Detroit VA Medical Center.  The following is a nice highlight from the Chief of Psychology from that VAMC about systems working together to support a Veteran in need.

A high-risk Veteran receiving services at the Detroit VA Medical Center called the VA to state he wasn't doing well after a significant relationship ended upon his arrival in Lexington, Kentucky.  The Veteran contacted his Peer Specialist at the Detroit location to assist with reaching his mental health provider, however, the staff was unable to locate the Veteran.

Detroit staff informed the Chief of Psychiatry and the Director of Homeless Programs from the Detroit VA about the Veteran's situation and their concern for this Veteran's safety.  VA Leadership then alerted an SSVF Regional Coordinator to seek coordination assistance with finding this Veteran who had likely stayed in a shelter in Lexington Kentucky that night.

The SSVF Regional Coordinator immediately contacted the SSVF Grantee serving that area, VOA Mid-States. VOA Mid-States staff worked together to determine they had worked with the Veteran for emergency housing hotel placement for the evening.  The case manager went to the Veteran's hotel, verified the Veteran was safe, provided him food, and informed him about the VA's attempt to locate him.  The Staff with the VAMC in Detroit were able to connect with the Veteran for safety and care planning.  Everyone's quick action ensured the Veteran was safe, cared for, and had a plan in place to help him get the immediate additional support he needed right away.

A special note to SSVF Grantee Division Director, Anne Vandervort and case manager, was provided: "The staff here in Detroit wanted to convey our heartfelt appreciation for Anne's extraordinary efforts she made in finding this Veteran, including driving to the hotel and bringing him food.   This is a difficult time for so many of our Veterans and we are relieved that he is safely on his way back to Detroit.  We will follow-up with him to ensure that he receives all the support he needs."

Thank you,

SSVF Program Office