(WellSky) [Webinar] HMIS is Epidemiology: Tracking COVID-19 & homelessness

HMIS is Epidemiology: Tracking COVID-19 & homelessness

The challenges created by COVID-19 require professionals focused on ending homelessness to think out of the box. This webinar shows you how to apply public health research methods, epidemiology principles, and mathematics to solve the new problems you face today.
The presentation will include colorful historical anecdotes that emphasize the importance of data quality assessment and improvement planning. You will learn several ways to enhance your homelessness information management system (HMIS) and agency processes, including how to:
  • Implement community level monitoring of COVID-19
  • Establish data management principles for non-congregate shelters, like hotels
  • Revise housing prioritization rules to address the pandemic
Throughout her presentation, HMIS consultant Susan Walker reminds us that we've lived through pandemics before, and we will get through this one as well. Register now to increase your impact in the community.
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