(NAEH) New Continuum of Care Survey

New CoC COVID-19 Survey

Dear Continuum of Care Leaders,
The Alliance invites your participation in the follow up to our national survey focused on the impacts of COVID-19 and your CoC responses to it.  This information is critically important as we work to promote a better understanding of the needs of people experiencing homelessness and those who serve them.
This second round of surveys will help determine the progress made in addressing the challenges for CoCs brought on by COVID-19, as well as highlighting areas in which communities are still struggling. Please take a few moments to respond to this survey. You can participate even if you were unable to respond to the first round of surveys.
Importantly, any information we gather will only be reported/shared in the aggregate (e.g., "100 percent of surveyed CoCs report . . ."). We absolutely will not release or discuss any identifiable information about any CoC without your permission.  Further, we recognize that every CoC is facing complex challenges.  Thus, we are not using this information to judge individual or system performance.  

Completing this survey  can help us help you during this trying period. We ask that you complete this survey by July 29th so that we can quickly compile results. Please note that we may also seek to follow-up with some of you via phone.  As always, we look forward to working together to do great things!
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