(NAEH) Town Hall Recordings Now Available

Updates from the 2020 Nationwide Town Hall on Ending Homelessness


Thank you to all who attended the 2020 Nationwide Town Hall on Ending Homelessness, making the Alliance's first virtual event an overwhelming success. Nearly 3,000 people joined the live stream, and the sheer energy from speakers and attendees alike was nothing short of inspiring. 

Rise up. Let's fight against inequality.
Rise up; let's fight immoral injuries.
Rise up, and let's take back our democracy.
Rise up, let's change policy.
Rise up, let's shift the paradigm through advocacy.
Won't you join me?


If one thing from the Town Hall was clear, it's that we must take immediate action to end homelessness. These powerful words above from Suzette Shaw, grassroots advocate for Skid Row who spoke during the Town Hall, have made clear that the time is now to act: through contacting your elected officials and through voting.

We must rise up, and your voice is critical. 

Join Suzette in taking action to end homelessness. 

The Alliance is grateful for each speaker and participant who joined and shared their expertise, passion, and perspectives. The recordings are now available on the Alliance's YouTube and Facebook pages, where you can learn more from field leaders about how to take action on racial disparities, implement COVID-19 best practices in shelter and housing, and learn how to take action to end homelessness.
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