(WellSky) HUD LSA Export Update

WellSky important update

Longitudinal Systems Analysis (LSA) Export
WellSky is working diligently upon updates to the HUD LSA export for the next submission window. HUD has not yet opened their portal for vendor testing of LSA changes or for client submissions. WellSky will be doing vendor testing before releasing the changes to clients.  HUD expects the portal to open in early September for client submissions.
 We recently learned that HUD is altering the exact dates for each of the below phases of the FY2019 LSA submission this year. Below is the updated tentative timeline from HUD. We will continue to send out updated timeline information as we receive it from HUD.
  • FY2019 LSA Preparatory work for HMIS vendors (ongoing)
  • FY2019 LSA upload testing for HMIS vendors (Vendor testing starting August 6th for 4 weeks)
  • FY2019 LSA Export submission deadline for CoC's. (CoC's will be able to start submitting after Labor Day in September. Submission deadline unknown.)
  • FY2019 LSA Data Cleaning and Final export submission deadline for CoC's (Final submission deadline unknown.)
A reminder that the LSA is an export and not a report. This means you will not see the actual report information until you upload the zip file to the HUD website. Also HUD doesn't allow modification of the contents or name of the zip file. The upload will be rejected by HUD if it is opened or modified.  Reminder:  This year's export is not yet available.
In preparation for your LSA submission we recommend reviewing the following reports/sheets available in ART/Qlik Sense for the providers that are being included in the export:
  • 0227 - Project Descriptor Elements Data Quality - V5 (Available in ART Gallery)
    • This report can be run for the full 3 year LSA period of 10/1/2016 - 09/30/2019 and this report has Input Controls to filter the program types on just providers included in the LSA export. This report can be useful for finding missing provider information or inventory information. The Bedlist tab of the report has an Input Control for the Inventory Id number which is listed in the Flag File for inventory errors. Please note the 0227 doesn't have the new Bed and Unit Inventory fields. Please use the below REQ101 sheet available in Qlik Sense to review that information.
  • 0640 - HUD Data Quality Report Framework - V9 (Available in ART Gallery)
    • This report can also be run for the full 3 year LSA period and then you can use the detail tabs to review data quality issues by finding the appropriate tab and first turning off the "Last EE" Input Control by setting it to all values before you use the appropriate Input Control to find data quality issues.
  • REQ101 - Housing Inventory Count - V2 (Available in Admin App in Qlik Sense)

Please create a case in the Customer Community if you have further questions.