(WellSky) White Paper: Incident management best practices

See how a critical incident management system can protect your consumers

White Paper: Critical incident management best practices

As the economy puts greater strains on human services programs, the potential for abuse, neglect, and exploitation of consumers rises as well. This makes it imperative to implement a comprehensive critical incident management system, or to enhance the system you have now.
This white paper takes you step by step through the process of designing an incident management system that improves oversight and visibility. You will gain actionable advice to:
  • Standardize your state's definitions of incidents
  • Develop guidelines for prioritizing investigations
  • Automate a process to identify, track, analyze, mitigate, and prevent incidents
The paper also describes how the state of Louisiana adopted this approach to achieve comprehensive oversight by linking several state programs and healthcare providers toa single incident management system. Download your free white paper now.