(WellSky) WHITE PAPER: Reframe your message to enhance fundraising

Changing the conversation about human services

WHITE PAPER: Reframe your message to enhance fundraising

Many community-based organizations struggle to grow funding or advocate effectively, in part due to divisive rhetoric and misperceptions surrounding human services. If your agency faces this problem, download this free white paper to change the conversation.
The National Reframing Initiative is an evidence-based communication approach that can help your agency build consensus and understanding in your community about the importance of human services. By reframing the conversation, you can:
  • Increase funding
  • Gain a seat at the table with policymakers
  • Reduce confusion and elevate the discourse on human services
Traditional fundraising messages frequently create a constant state of crisis that leads to message fatigue. This white paper will help you avoid these communication traps and combat common stereotypes of who benefits from human services.