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Materials Posted: Preparing for the CAPER Webinar 
Update: Materials are now posted on the Preparing for the CAPER Webinar training page.

This webinar focused on the process and strategies for grantees to prepare the Consolidated Annual Performance and Evaluation Report (CAPER) in the eCon Planning Suite. It provided a valuable opportunity for participants to learn about the relationship between the CAPER and the Strategic Plan, the Annual Action Plan (AAP), and other Activity Accomplishment screens of the Integrated Disbursement and Information System (IDIS). The presenters provided an overview of steps grantees must take prior to creating the CAPER template to ensure the template generates accurate data.

Practices that must be done before creating the CAPER include:

  • Ensure all Action Plans and Amendments are marked as “Review Completed”
  • Confirm the AAP is associated with the correct version of the Consolidated Plan
  • Double-check the IDIS Projects listed in the Action Plan, confirming they are set-up for the correct Program Year, and tied to the appropriate IDIS Activities
  • Enter all activity accomplishments in IDIS

This 60-minute webinar provided best practices and opportunities for participants to submit questions to HUD and technical assistance (TA) providers.

NOTE: This webinar focused on best practices that grantees should consider prior to creating the CAPER. This session did not discuss the creation or completion of the CAPER template. These topics will be addressed in a follow-up CAPER webinar to be held in September 2020.

Training Objectives

Participants learned how to:

  • Understand how outcome data flows from the Strategic Plan to the CAPER
  • Reconcile goals and their associated outcomes
  • Troubleshoot common issues that can cause problems in the creation of the CAPER

Who Should Attend?

This webinar was relevant for anyone who prepared the CAPER in the eCon Planning Suite.

Training Point of Contact

Preparing for the CAPER Registrar | eConPlan.Training@Cloudburstgroup.com

Additional Information and Resources

Visit the Consolidated Plan page on the HUD Exchange for guidance and additional resources.

Visit the HUD Exchange at https://www.hudexchange.info