(ShelterForce) Does Segregation Cause Police Violence?

Week of August 31
In This Issue: Activists Take Over Vacant Homes Owned by Housing Authority Policing, Segregation, and Causation vs. Correlation ● Federal Funds to Fix the Appraisal Gap? Also: Jobs ● Events ● You Said It ● In Case You Missed It +
Meir Rinde, Shelterforce
About 50 people—mostly single mothers and their children—have been living in vacant Philadelphia Housing Authority units since March. The move-ins are both acts of necessity and a protest against the PHA, which has . . . Read Full Article
Miriam Axel-Lute, Shelterforce
Racial disparities in police killings increase with segregation. Does this mean segregation causes racialized police violence? Read Full Article
Kristin Siglin, National Community Stabilization Trust
The Neighborhood Homes Investment Act could make developing quality housing in places with modest property values much easier—and it’s gaining bipartisan support. Read Full Article
In Case You Missed It
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Tuesday, Sept. 1, 3 p.m. ET | Remaking the Economy: Special Webinar with Shelterforce and NPQ | Tenant Responses to the Eviction Crisis: A Roundtable Discussion | Shelterforce is partnering with NPQ for this webinar to discuss what is needed to keep people in their homes amid the pandemic, how to protect tenants in your community, the impact of structural racism on housing, and more. Register here.

Thursday, Sept. 17, 2 p.m. ET | Driving Impact Webinar Series | Fostering Resilience, Resisting Abuse | Join Bank of America and AARP for this webinar that will share how AARP Foundation works to forge practical approaches to address senior poverty, particularly given the unprecedented job losses and economic strains resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. Register here.

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You Said It

Partnership for Strong Communities: Connecticut has one of the highest mortgage delinquency rates in the nation. We must act to protect homeowners in distress—or else risk a private equity buy-out of the housing market, like we saw after the 2008 recession. Via Twitter

Amir Ayromloo: To all the property owners who are complaining about how unfair this situation is to them: While no doubt that you are also getting hit negatively by this crisis, look at it from a human point of view rather than dollars and cents capitalist view. I ask implore you to answer the following questions . . . Read More

Pete Saunders: I missed this from a couple months ago, but Alan Mallach makes the same critique Ive made: YIMBYism has some flaws that need addressing. Via Twitter

Ben Chin: We need to treat housing in rich areas the same as everywhere else, and that includes policies that increase density. Housing policy is not just for low-income neighborhoods! Via Twitter

Tiffany Manuel: Wow had a great session with some of the fantastic folks 
@neighborworks & @GroundedNetwork doing work on shared-equity models to advance opportunities for wealth creation in our country. @Shelterforce did a fantastic piece on this, and right now, this is so timely! . . . Via Twitter

Allie: The benefits individualized housing provides are no surprise, and it’s good to finally have the data to demonstrate these realities so plainly. In order for people to heal and thrive, they need safety, privacy, and dignity. To go back to congregate housing would be a true disservice to our fellow humans ... Read More

David Cooper: Successfully ending homelessness requires more than housing. It's a climb aided by the principles and practices of [psychologists Abraham] Maslow and [Albert] Bandura. Read More

Todd: I’m questioning whether this approach will be as effective as simply outlawing single-family zoning in most urban and suburban areas, like in Oregon. It seem like a good step in the right direction, but is it sufficient? Read More

Southern California Association of NonProfit Housing: Good read from @Shelterforce on lessons all of us can take from the serious momentum toward ending exclusionary zoning in Massachusetts. Via Twitter
Program Assistant, Center for Community Investment, Washington, D.C. ● This new, full-time (40 hours/week), assistant-level position is designed to support the Center for Community Investment (CCI)’s leadership development programs and activities. The Program Assistant will handle administrative and logistical tasks to support the implementation of the . . . Read Full Listing
Project Manager - Affordable Housing, Full Circle Communities, Chicago, IL ● Full Circle is seeking a Project Manager to join our Real Estate Development Team to oversee all aspects of the development process, from initial concept through construction completion and initial occupancy for specific projects. The position reports to the Vice President of . . . Read Full Listing
President & CEO, Cleveland Neighborhood Progress (CNP), Cleveland, OH ● CNP seeks its next president and CEO. The new president and CEO will have the opportunity to build upon previous CNP achievements, which include critical initiatives that build awareness for racial equity and inclusion, as well as efforts to support neighborhoods affected by redlining and . . . Read Full Listing
Executive Director, Lexington Community Land Trust, Lexington, KT ● Lexington Community Land Trust (LCLT) is seeking an Executive Director to lead this non-profit community development organization which creates permanently affordable housing through a community-centric model. The Executive Director must be a culturally competent . . . Read Full Listing
Chief Executive Officer/Publisher, Shelterforce, Montclair, NJ ● Shelterforce seeks a Chief Executive Officer/Publisher (CEO/Publisher) to advance its mission, grow its capacity, audience, and influence, and strategically and sustainably guide the organization through an evolving and dynamic media landscape. Read Full Listing
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