(ShelterForce) Trump’s Empty Shell of a Promise to Renters

Week of August 17
In this Issue: Fair Housing Is Still the Law, Even if Trump Refuses to Enforce It Densifying Suburbs Is the Better Path to Housing Affordability Trump’s Empty Shell of a Promise to Renters Massachusetts Strikes a Blow Against Exclusionary Zoning Also: Jobs ● Industry News ● Events ● You Said It ● In Case You Missed It +
Randy Shaw, Tenderloin Housing Clinic
The legislation that is expected to pass in Massachusetts offers three key national lessons. Read Full Article
Diane Yentel, National Low Income Housing Coalition
The president's executive order is reckless and harmful, and it offers false hope at a time when renters need assurance that they will not be kicked out of their homes. Read Full Article
Alan Mallach, Center for Community Progress
Alan Mallach responds to critiques of his assessment of urban versus suburban upzoning. Read Full Article
Miriam Axel-Lute, Shelterforce
Repudiating the requirement to affirmatively further fair housing is another example of this administration’s race baiting and disregard for both the spirit and the letter of the lawRead Full Article
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You Said It

Aimee Conner: I’m glad to see this article. I think I’ve watched this video 10 times. I have worried that Ms. Simmons would be caught unprepared for the huge financial debts that homeownership can bring. It’s great that someone is . . . Read More

Abbott Gorin: A shining example of community commitment to shared-equity home ownership occurred several years ago in New York City. At Penn Station South, a building complex in midtown Manhattan, tenant co-op apartment owners voted to maintain their buildings to a shared-equity standard of . . . Read More
Executive Director, Lexington Community Land Trust, Lexington, KT ● Lexington Community Land Trust (LCLT) is seeking an Executive Director to lead this non-profit community development organization which creates permanently affordable housing through a community-centric model. The Executive Director must be a culturally competent . . . Read Full Listing
Housing Program Coordinator, City of Charlottesville, Charlottesville, VA ● The City of Charlottesville is seeking qualified candidates to be considered for the position of Housing Program Coordinator who are highly motivated and who strives for success by demonstrating Charlottesville's Core Values of Leadership, Trust, Creativity, Respect, and Excellence. Read Full Listing
The Program Specialist will assist the Director of Affordable Housing with the daily operations, administrative, and program outreach of the Athens Land Trust Affordable Housing Program, with a particular focus on stewardship activities. Each candidate should . . . Read Full Listing
Real Estate Project Manager, RUPCO, Kingston, NY ● RUPCO's Real Estate Development Project Manager will have 3 to 5 years of experience to process existing development pursuits and assist with new target opportunities. He/she/they will leverage their skills and experience in affordable housing best practices to take a significant leadership role in the creation of . . . Read Full Listing
Real Estate Development Project Manager, Homestead Community Land Trust, Seattle, WA ● Homestead seeks an experienced housing developer who will have hands-on responsibility for housing development projects from conception to completion, as well as ongoing stewardship of homes in trust. The Real Estate Development Project Manager will work in partnership with the . . . Read Full Listing
Director of Homeownership & Stewardship Services, Homestead Community Land Trust, Seattle, WA ● Homestead seeks an experienced community land trust specialist who will have both hands-on and leadership responsibility for homeownership services and stewardship. The Director of Homeownership and Stewardship Services is a member of the senior leadership team who designs and implements . . . Read Full Listing
Chief Executive Officer/Publisher, Shelterforce, Montclair, NJ ● Shelterforce seeks a Chief Executive Officer/Publisher (CEO/Publisher) to advance its mission, grow its capacity, audience, and influence, and strategically and sustainably guide the organization through an evolving and dynamic media landscape. Read Full Listing
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