(HUD) Operations Notice for the Expansion of the Moving to Work Demonstration Program and New Moving On Services Guide

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Operations Notice for the Expansion of the Moving to Work Demonstration Program and New Moving On Services Guide

Moving On strategies support stable individuals and families residing in Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH) who may no longer need or want the intensive services offered in PSH but continue to need assistance to maintain their housing. Moving On strategies challenge communities to create partnerships between the Continuum of Care (CoC) and mainstream housing programs (e.g., public housing, the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) program, and HUD-funded multifamily housing providers).

HUD recently released two resources that can help communities implement Moving On strategies which connect CoC programs with mainstream resources, while supporting program participants throughout the Moving On process.

Moving On Flexibilities in the Moving to Work (MTW) Operations Notice

The Operations Notice for the Expansion of the Moving to Work Demonstration Program, published by HUD on August 28, 2020, includes Moving On flexibilities in the exclusive list of activities implemented by existing MTW agencies, and that other MTW agencies can implement without further HUD approval once they are included in the MTW supplement of an approved Public Housing Agency (PHA) plan. The Moving On-specific flexibilities, listed in section 14 of Appendix I, will help MTW agencies facilitate and expedite Moving On lease-ups by streamlining certain administrative processes and addressing a lease-up barrier that occurs when tenant rent payments in PSH are lower than they would be in public housing or with a Housing Choice Voucher (HCV). The flexibilities include the authorization to:

  • Waive the initial Housing Quality Standards (HQS) inspection requirement for participants who are transitioning in place (continuing to lease the same unit they were living in through the PSH program, but with an HCV) and accept the most recent HQS inspection from the partner agency.
  • Accept income calculations from partner agencies.
  • Set rents or adjust the total tenant payment amount to ensure that tenant payments for rent or utilities do not increase due to program participant transfers from a PSH program to a public housing or HCV program.

Moving On Services Guide

HUD designed the Moving On Services Guide to help PSH providers understand how to support the growth, independence, and choice for PSH program participants by setting them up for long-term stability and success. The guide:

  • Reviews how to engage and assess participants for interest and readiness to move on, and to design and provide services to tenants during the preparation, transition, and aftercare phases of the Moving On process.
  • Will help CoCs, PHAs, local public and private funders, and other stakeholders interested in supporting Moving On initiatives understand the services and resources necessary to help support program participants that want to move on.
  • Is the newest piece of an expanding collection of resources and tools designed to support communities in developing and operating high-quality Moving On initiatives which are available on the Moving On resources page on the HUD Exchange. The collection includes:
Visit the HUD Exchange at https://www.hudexchange.info