(WellSky) RHY Update

WellSky important update
The RHY repository is performing new data quality checks that weren't provided to vendors. One check impacting our communities is a check for answers to the "RHY BCP Status Date of Status Determination" question. Please note this change is applicable to both ES BCP clients and HP clients.

In a future update, WellSky will update the vendor created assessments to include this question. You have the recommended option of putting a case into the Customer Community and our support team will work with you by adding the question to the applicable locked vendor assessments. Or if you choose you can follow the below steps to update copies of the vendor assessments using the below instructions:

  1. Please make a copy of the "HHS RHY Entry for SO and ES (2020)" assessment. Please note if you've already made a copy of this assessment for local changes then you can follow the rest of the steps to add this question to your copy of this assessment.
  2. Open the new assessment in Assessment Admin and click on the "Assessment Questions" tab.
  3. Search for the "Date of BCP Status Determination" question. You can verify it is the right question by confirming the virtual field name which is "HUD_BCPSTATUSDETERMDATE".
  4. Add this question to the assessment.
  5. We recommend placing this question between these questions: "Referral Source" and "Youth Eligible for RHY Services".
  6. Click on "Save" button to save the changes.
  7. Click on "Publish" button to publish the assessment.
  8. Click on "Exit" to exit from the screen.
  9. Go to Provider Admin and update RHY providers to use the newly created assessments.
Please repeat the above steps for the "HHS RHY Entry for TH and HP (2020)" assessment.

Please create a case in the Customer Community if you have any questions or if you'd like us to update the vendor assessments for you.