(HUD) The First ESG-CV Quarterly Report is Open in Sage

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The First ESG-CV Quarterly Report is Open in Sage

Emergency Solutions Grants CARES Act (ESG-CV) recipients can enter the Sage HMIS Reporting Repository (Sage) to complete their first ESG-CV quarterly report.

When is the report due?

ESG-CV quarterly reports are due by 11:59 PM Eastern Time on October 30, 2020.

Who must report?

All ESG-CV recipients (cities, counties, states and territories) who receive funding directly from HUD must report. Sage will guide users through a start-up form to determine the level of reporting required for the recipient based on where they are in the process and whether they have expenditures.

What will be reported?

  • All ESG-CV expenditure information is reported in Sage
  • All activities that are unique to the CARES Act ESG-CV program are reported by narrative in Sage
  • All aggregated client information by components is reported in Sage

Reporting is the responsibility of the recipient. Recipients will report on all expenditures they, or their subrecipients, incurred in the reporting period in the initial ESG-CV Quarterly Report, even if the recipient has not yet reimbursed a subrecipient or has not been reimbursed by HUD for them. Recipients and subrecipients will document clients served in the Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) or comparable database (for victim service providers) and this data will be used for the CSV bundles, as appropriate for the expenditures.

Is Guidance Available?

HUD recently held a training series that outlines the reporting requirements and expectations for all recipients. Materials for States and Territories and for Cities and Counties are posted on the HUD Exchange for review.

HUD will release an ESG-CV Quarterly Reporting Guide soon and will notify recipients via listserv when it is available.

Within Sage itself there are step-by-step user instructions on each report form.

If you have questions about the ESG-CV Quarterly Report, please submit them through the HUD Exchange Ask a Question (AAQ) portal. On Step 2 of the question submission process, select “Sage” in the “My question is related to” dropdown.

Visit the HUD Exchange at https://www.hudexchange.info