(ShelterForce) Provider, Payer, Patient—Breaking Down the Health Sector

Helping Community Developers
Understand the Health Sector
Housing is health care. That statement is clearer now than ever before. But as we’ve found in our coverage of health and community development over the past couple years, knowing that partnering with the health sector is a good idea and understanding how to do it are two different things. Over the next several weeks, we’ll talk about some of the parts that often don’t get said—Who are the players in the health sector, and what are their incentives to address social determinants of health? What is the difference between public health and medical care? How do partnerships get started? We hope these articles will give community development practitioners the context and the confidence to forge new and better partnerships with their health sector counterparts.

Debra Gordon, Shelterforce

As the health sector shifts from a disease model to a health model, various players gain new incentives to pay attention to partnerships around the social determinants of health. Who are they? Read More

Logan Rockefeller Harris, Megan Gaydos, and Solange Gould, North Carolina Justice Center
and Human Impact Partners

What public health practitioners do and why community partners are essential to their goal of health equity. Read More

Carol Coogan, Shelterforce

An illustration that breaks down the payers, plans, and providers, and public health systems involved in the health care sector. Read More
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