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WellSky important update

A note from Industry Compliance:

Even without major Data Dictionary Changes, 2020 has proven to be a busy season in the HMIS world.  Our Support team is working diligently to respond to questions and provide assistance.  Response times may be a bit longer than usual as we've seen an uptick in cases during this busy time.  As you navigate through the many HMIS requirements of the fall, including new ESG-CV reporting requirements, please read below to get the latest updates for WellSky's Community Services solution.


LSA Update

Per HUD's latest listserv, each CoC is required to attempt uploads for both FY2019 and FY2020 by October 30, 2020.  We encourage you not wait until the last moment to attempt these uploads as we'd like to ensure that you are successful and any troubleshooting of exports/uploads may take additional time.


LSA Pro-tip:  Funding Sources are particularly critical in the LSA export this year.  Ensure that every provider in the CoC has a valid Funding Source (N/A counts!) with valid Start and End Dates.  See potential errors in the new Qlik Sense REQ102 Project Descriptor Data Elements sheet!


LSA Known Issues

  • WellSky LSA Export:  Some CoC's are getting a BCP error when attempting to run an export where there are special Microsoft characters in the text fields in the data set (provider and assessment data).  We are currently coding a solution that will be applied in the next few days and will do an update via newsletter once it has been repaired.
  • HDX 2.0:  The HDX 2.0 is reportedly having some issues with the new ESG-CV and HOPWA-CV funding sources.  HUD TA is working to resolve this issue.

PATH Report update to v3.4

We are working to update the PATH report to v3.4 in advance of the December 1, 2020 deadline.  We will announce the availability of the updated report in an upcoming news announcement.  PATH grantees that upload a submission to PDX using v3.3 will receive error messages for the two new questions Q13b and Q26k.  They will have to update these values after the PATH report is updated.



WellSky had a call with HUD TA this week to discuss the HOMES VASH data import. HUD TA has worked to crosswalk HOMES data to HMIS Data Elements and have created a special conversion tool to create an HMIS(like)-CSV that can be imported into an HMIS.  HUD TA will provide vendors with sample files in the next two weeks and we'll provide a more detailed update soon.

SPM Update

Did you know that WellSky is working to convert the System Performance Measures out of ART and into the Community Services Provider (canned) Reports section?  This transition is expected to be complete late this year and ready for your submission into HDX in time for the March 1, 2021 submission deadline.  You may use the ART 700 series to start your data clean up and review for the submission but we recommend that you wait for the SPM Provider Reports to use for submission. 

Please create a case in the Customer Community if you have further questions.