(WellSky) LSA Update

WellSky important update
WellSky would like to provide the following information about the LSA:

First, the LSA upgrade will be available in the upgrader on 10/19/2020. We will send out another announcement once it is in the upgrader. Abt is giving clients a little over a month to submit their data. This gives you time for multiple submissions allowing you to review the flag files and then resubmit after corrections are made to data. Abt updated the flag file this year with a new column designating if the issue is a data quality issue or vendor issue. Please direct all questions about items marked as data quality issues to Abt. In regards to possible vendor issues, we have found that some of them are caused by either issues in the LSA code provided by HUD or in the coding of the flag file. These errors have been submitted to Abt for review.

A reminder that the LSA is an export and not a report. This means you will not see the actual report information until you upload the zip file to the HUD website. Also HUD doesn't allow modification of the contents or name of the zip file. The upload will be rejected by HUD if it is opened or modified.  

In preparation for your LSA submission we recommend reviewing the following reports/sheets available in ServicePoint and Qlik Sense for the providers that are being included in the export:

  • REQ102 - Project Descriptor Data Elements - V1 (Available in Admin App in Qlik Sense.
    • This sheet replaces the 0227 report in the ART Gallery and can be run for the full 3 year LSA period of 10/1/2017 - 09/30/2020 and this sheet has an "LSA Project Type Filter" to filter the data on just providers included in the LSA export. The sheet can be useful for finding missing provider information or inventory information. For additional review of the Bed and Unit Inventory data please also review the REQ101 sheet listed below.
  • Data Quality Framework Report (Available in Reports section of ServicePoint)
    • This report replaces the 0640 report in the ART Gallery and can be run for the full 3 year LSA period. The report has the options to be run for either a reporting group for your LSA providers or you can run it for the full CoC.
  • REQ101 - Housing Inventory Count - V2 (Available in Admin App in Qlik Sense)
    • This sheet replaces the 0628/0629 reports in the ART Gallery. Please note in order for this sheet to show data you must at minimum complete these filters: "BUI CoC Code", "Date for Current Inventory", "Date for Under Development Inventory" and "Run Report".

These provider data quality issues will cause an error and will prevent you from generating an LSA export. These issues must be resolved before you can generate and submit the LSA export:
  • Continuum answered "No". This question must be answered "Yes" for inclusion in LSA.
  • Operating Start Date is null. This question must have date and must be before or during the export date range for inclusion in the LSA.
  • CoC Code Start Date is null. This question must have a value and must be before export end date.
  • CoC Code End Date is before export start date. This question can be null or after the export start date.
  • CoC Code Geography Type is null. This must have a value for inclusion in the LSA.
  • CoC Code Zip Code is null. This must have a value for inclusion in the LSA.
  • Coc Code Geocode is null. This must have a value for inclusion in the LSA.
  • Provider doesn't have any recorded Federal Partner Funding Sources. The provider must have at least one valid Federal Partner Funding Sources for inclusion in the LSA. The Grant Start Date for the funding source must be before the export end date and cannot be null. The Grant End Date for the funding can be null but if completed has to be after export start date for inclusion in the LSA.

Please create a case in the Customer Community if you have further questions or need assistance accessing the above sheets/reports.