(WellSky) SP 5.13.10 Is Now Available

WellSky important update

ServicePoint 5.13.10 is now available. This is considered a "major" release. This means you have to create a case in the WellSky Customer Community in order to upgrade to this version. The additional step will allow you the opportunity to review the release notes prior to upgrading the site for your End Users. If you have already created a case requesting the upgrade to 5.13.10 then you do not need to create a new case.

This release includes updates to the following areas of Community Services (formerly ServicePoint):

  • Update to LSA export for 2020 submissions
  • Optimizations to CoC-APR 2019, Data Quality Framework and ESG CAPER 2019 to reduce run time
  • Resolve issue related to email validation on case manager pop-up screen
Please note that WellSky, as noted by HUD in the LSA listserv on October 19 th, will continue to make adjustments to the LSA export code over the coming days. Export code changes will not require an upgrade to Community Services.

As you plan for your LSA export submissions, we'd like to remind you that only 10 exports may run concurrently on any one site. We will monitor our export servers for performance throughout the submission period.

Release notes can be found in the Libraries area of the WellSky Customer Community.
Please create a case in the Customer Community if you have any questions.