(WellSky) Webinar: The Future of Homelessness Data

Discover the full potential of HMIS data to help end homelessness.

Webinar: The Future of Homelessness Data
Thursday, November 12 at 2 pm ET / 11 am PT

The movement to end homelessness will require increased coordination among homelessness professionals, healthcare providers, and government. Sharing data more effectively throughout a community will play a critical role in this coordination.

Register for this webinar, presented by Gerry Leslie from the Michigan Coalition Against Homelessness, to examine five emerging trends that may soon revolutionize the way we care for clients:

  • Multiple data systems (not just HMIS) will collect information on homelessness.
  • Homelessness data will be integrated with other systems.
  • Privacy and governance will look at the "big picture" of data use.
  • Real time/near real time data will enhance data accuracy.
  • Data from multiple sources will lead to more effective triage and prioritization.

This webinar will also cover the importance of data privacy, and how we can protect the rights of our most vulnerable citizens. Register today to learn about the latest breakthroughs that are helping to end homelessness through data.

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