(NAEH) Five Insights About Veteran Homelessness

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Five Insights on Veteran Homelessness


As the nation prepares to commemorate Veterans Day, the Alliance's Homelessness Research Institute has released new analysis on veteran homelessness. Among the insights:
  • Decreases have been driven by a robust and ongoing commitment of federal resources, and a broad alignment with Housing First principles.
  • Being a veteran increases the risk of becoming homeless - but that's changing.
  • Veterans of color are more likely to become homeless.
  • COVID-19 and the recession will likely hinder efforts to end veteran homelessness.
  • Progress on veteran homelessness shows a blueprint for progress for other populations experiencing homelessness.

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Staying Focused After the Election

Despite any changes that a new administration may bring, providers, systems leaders, and advocates must first address overlapping crises that have homelessness in their center. These include: the recession, rising COVID rates, the approach of winter, and the impending end of the Centers for Disease Control eviction moratorium.

In a new blog post, the Alliance's VP of Programs and Policy, Steve Berg, discusses Congress' next steps, and highlights the need for continued engagement with federal leaders to combat immediate crises.

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Reminder: November 21 is the Deadline to Request an Economic Impact Payment

While most eligible U.S. taxpayers have automatically received their Economic Impact Payment, some may need to provide their information to the IRS by November 21 if they have not received their payment yet.

Please consult the IRS web site to learn more and determine your clients' eligibility.

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