(NAEH) The Work Continues!

Dear friend,

This message is from Kay Moshier McDivitt, Senior Technical Assistance Specialist at the Alliance. I'm reaching out to share with you a little about our work over the last several months.  

We've had to learn to do things a little differently in 2020, as I'm confident you have as well.  

This year, the Alliance launched its first online training platform, the Center for Learning. Released just weeks before the pandemic sent everyone home, the Center has turned out to be much more valuable than anyone could have predicted.  

The introduction of the Center means major strides for the sector: Now, virtually anyone in the field has access to training and professional development, including self-paced courses on how to implement best practices and improve outcomes in their communities. At a moment when so many people are facing limitations, your support made it possible for the Alliance to help communities in new ways.  

And that's not all we've done.  

Last year, I told you all about how we helped local providers in Nevada and Michigan better serve their communities through in-depth, hands-on training courses we call Learning Collaboratives. This year, we've had to take our Learning Collaboratives, and all of our other trainings, completely virtual. 

These online sessions are just as robust as ever- we have spent the year working with communities from all over the country, including in North Carolina, Michigan, Connecticut, Virginia, and more, gaining a comprehensive understanding of each community's individual circumstances, and coaching them through unique solutions. 

Even after our training sessions moved online, the enthusiasm from our local partners has been incredible! Community leaders, service providers, and stakeholders are still extremely motivated to get people housed faster, and to keep our most vulnerable neighbors safe.  

No one expected this year to turn out the way it has. The ongoing pandemic, racial injustices and outcry, and an unpredictable economic future have had an unforeseen impact on us all, and especially people experiencing homelessness. But the support from you, and the dedication of our partners in the field, inspires me to keep up the fight. 

We will continue our hard work. We will continue to be ambitious. And we will end homelessness.  

Please consider partnering with us this holiday season to help end homelessness


Kay Moshier McDivitt 

Senior Technical Assistance Specialist 

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