(WellSky) LSA Status Update

WellSky important update
WellSky would like to provide you with some important updates about the LSA process. First, WellSky will be updating the LSA export again by end of business on Thursday, December 10 th. This update will resolve these specific flag ids: 484, 486, 538, 539, 757, 779, 780, 804 and 848. WellSky will send out another announcement once the update has been applied to the LSA export.

Second, going forward please only create support cases in the Customer Community if you have a question about a specific flag id or set of flag ids. We do not need you to create a case if you simply want to share a copy of your flag file with WellSky. This is because Abt is sending vendors a consolidated flag file that contains information from all of our clients.

Third, here is the list of flag id's that are currently being investigated by Abt: 337, 684, 737, 757, 801, 804 and 1037. As the investigation continues WellSky will continue to update the LSA export as needed.

Please create a case in the Customer Community if you have further questions or if you need assistance with a specific flag id or set of flag ids.