(WellSky) LSA Update

WellSky important update
WellSky pushed an update to the LSA export today, Wednesday, December 23 rd at 3:10 PM Central.  Please be sure you've re-exported and resubmitted to the HDX 2.0 after that date/time. This update resolved this specific flag id: 897.

Previously announced Flag ID's 898, 899 and 900 were not fixed with this update. Upon further review it has been determined that these are caused by data quality issues within the communities. All three indicate that the project in question served clients in the HMIS when it is prohibited for Victim Services providers to use the same HMIS as non-Victim Services Providers. This issue can be resolved by unchecking the "Uses ServicePoint" box in Provider Admin for the Victim Services providers. If they have data in the HMIS, please create a case in the Customer Community to inquire about options for setting up a separate HMIS system for your Victim Services providers.

Communities will spend until mid-January 2021 working with their AHAR liaisons on data cleaning and vendors will continue to make periodic updates to the export to resolve flag files and incorporate new sample code.  This will likely require several additional uploads to the HDX 2.0.