(WellSky) Downtime Notifications and Training Site Refreshes

Good Morning!

We have a few support-side updates to share with everyone.

Downtime Notifications

WellSky is now utilizing a new status page for ongoing tracking of system uptime, current status, and historical events. Moving forward we will no longer be sending mass communications regarding downtime or system performance. We recommend that all clients visit the new status page and "Subscribe to Updates". Notifications will be sent when performance issues are being investigated, the cause has been identified, a fix has been implemented, and when it is considered officially resolved. We are also able to post details of the root cause of these issues which will also be emailed and listed under the associated event.

This page should be referenced in the event of any service interruption or degradation of performance related to Community Services, ART, Qlik, Resource Directory, or Community & Missions (Spero). If you do not see a current event please alert our support team via a case in the client portal. If there is a current event a separate case is not necessary and you can subscribe directly to that event for further updates.

We look forward to being able to provide timely and thorough updates using this system. You can access our new status page by clicking the link below or copying this URL into your browser

Training Site Refreshes

As our processes continue to evolve we are making changes to some of our historical requests. In order to meet the requirements of all of our teams and ensure that we are able to meet obligations we will be requiring lead time on any training site refresh requests. If you are able to submit your request prior to noon CT on Thursday we will make our best attempt to schedule it for the following week. After this deadline it will be 2 weeks before we are able to schedule your refresh. If you have a training scheduled for which you will be requiring a refresh please input your case specify the requested date. Our team will work with IT to schedule your refresh on the requested date and confirm with you.

Thank you and we hope you all have a wonderful, relaxing, and LSA-free weekend!

Your Community Services Support Team