(WellSky) LSA Flags Update

WellSky important update
WellSky is providing the below update on several LSA Flag Ids:

WellSky will continue to investigate the below flag ids today and tomorrow morning to determine if there is an issue. If we find an issue we will create a response to provide to communities that they can include in their final flag file submission to their AHAR Liaision:

  • 722, 737, 739, 758, 786, 932

 As of 1/14 12:00 PM central, here is the updated status for flag ids including some mentioned in previous announcements:

  • 617, 684, 691, 822, 835, 837, 845 still have open issues with Abt.
  • 757 on hold until next year
  • 621, 625, 631, 637 will all have flag text typos corrected next year
  • 711, 780, 781, 801, 804 all on hold until next year for changes to sample code
    • In the meantime, the CoC needs to confirm the project is closed, make sure there are no open enrollments after the close date and then notify liaison of this
  • 486 was resolved in December via a sample code update
  • 718 no changes made, actual issue with data quality
    • AHAR team working with impacted communities
  • 772 is no longer reported as an issue with any WellSky Community
  • 141, 142, 143, 270, 337, 533, 674, 675, 676, 693, 737, 693, 737, 1037 are all marked as "Review by AHAR" team.
  • 887 is a provider set up data quality issue.  CoC's should be able to resolve this by checking data quality using the Qlik PDDE Sheet available in the Admin App in Qlik Sense.
  • 779 is under review by the AHAR team as there may be a combination of legitimate errors and false flags
  • 781 is under review by all vendors to ensure there are no code issues. 
    • This flag is likely associated with code issues that could not be resolved prior to the submission deadline. We are confirming that this project has an operating end date prior to the start of the reporting period, inventory was closed in accordance with the data standards and there were no households active in this project during the reporting period.

Please note that HUD does not expect a "clean' upload but you must address all flags with your Liaison.