(WellSky) LSA Flags Update

WellSky important update

 First, WellSky would like to remind you that we pushed out an update to the LSA code early this morning so we highly recommend everyone creates new LSA files and uploads them before the approximately midnight central deadline today. We will be monitoring the LSA today to ensure it doesn't run out of disk space. Abt expects an upload after our latest fix to the LSA code this morning.

Second, WellSky has not identified any code errors related to the below flag ids. 

  • 722, 737, 739, 758, 786, 932

We recommend adding a note for your liaison to that effect and indicating what data quality efforts that you have taken to attempt to resolve the above flag ids.

Last, please note that HUD does not expect a "clean' upload but you must address all flags with your Liaison.