(WellSky) LSA Status Update

WellSky important update

WellSky continues to make updates to the LSA code for release on Wednesday, January 13th, 2021.

In our research we have found several changes that will impact flags 848, 615 and 779 for communities with multiple CoC's in their implementation.

  1. We will implement a fix that will improve results for these communities.
  2. We've identified data quality issues that impact flags 848, 615 and 779.  Clients that are flagged as missing Client Location likely have an issue with their value for the assessment question "Relationship to Head of Household".  Resolving the data quality issue for this field should result in an improvement to the count of errors for these flags.  Remember that each household should have one Head of Household at Entry, the value for any client cannot be null and there cannot be more than one Head of Household per entry.  These errors are not easily identifiable in the Data Quality Framework (changes to that report are pending).  Please see the document in the "HACS ServicePoint AHAR/LSA" Customer Community Library for information on how to build a report to locate and repair these errors.

We are also researching potential issues with flags 772 and 758 at this time. 

Please create a case in the Customer Community if you have further questions.