Advance Racial Equality with Data-Driven Insights

3-1 Webinar TIBCO
Dismantling the Disparity Gap:
Data Insights for Equality
Featured Speaker: Deepinder Uppal, Chief Technology Architect, TIBCO
Tuesday, March 01, 2022
1:30pm ET; 10:30am PT
60 minutes
As recent justice movements continue to highlight the inhumane cost of systemic racism; economic, health, and climate crises continue to exacerbate these inequalities. Advancing equity for all, including people of color and those who have been historically underserved, is one of the most pressing issues faced by governments globally.

For local and federal governments to confront these inequalities, they first have to understand how much inequality exists within their population. Tackling inequality requires a data-driven, integrated, and sustained effort. When used ethically and correctly, data analytics can examine the vulnerability and resiliency of a geographic location to equalize opportunities for all populations.  
Join us on March 1st for an exclusive webinar, where we will demonstrate:
  • The power of TIBCO data science to correlate and track the various data indicators of racial equity  
  • How to identify and visualize the overlapping of poor housing conditions' access to healthcare, and socioeconomic conditions
  • Ways to provide a better understanding of inequality to promote equity in decision-making

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Caroline Malaby