ART Gallery Update

WellSky important update

WellSky has updated an ART Gallery Report with the following changes:

  • 0630a - Sheltered-Unsheltered PIT 2022 - v28
    • Updated with 2022 HUD Data Dictionary changes and inclusion of SSVF RRH Emergency Housing Assistance (EHA) clients.
Please note that in order for SSVF RRH EHA clients to be counted as Emergency Shelter clients in the PIT report the data must be entered via a specific workflow in Community Services. This is documented in the 0630a User Manual. Please also note that we will be retiring the "0630" version of the report in the near future and it will not be updated with these changes.

In order for unsheltered clients to appear in the 0630a report they must be entered into Community Services following a specific workflow. A document describing this workflow named " 2022 Unsheltered PIT Workflow v2" is available in the Client Community Library. Please note this is an updated document.

As of Monday, February 14th, all clients will have the mapped report in their mapped ART Gallery reports folder. As a reminder, the Unmapped ART Gallery Reports folder within Available Reports and Templates will contain template copies for manual mapping. More specific information pertaining to the updates can be found in the report manuals in the ART Gallery Report Manuals folder within the Available Reports and Templates folder.

Please create a case in the Client Community if you have further questions.