HUD HIC and PIT Update

WellSky important update
HIC and PIT reporting is expected to begin in March of 2022.  Updated guidance can be found here: 

The following updated WellSky resources for Community Services are available for use NOW
  • REQ101 Housing Inventory Count – v3 located in Qlik Sense
  • 0630a - Sheltered-Unsheltered PIT 2022 - v28 located in the ART Gallery
    • This updated report contains a new workflow counting for SSVF EHA clients in the Emergency Shelter sections of the report
  • 2022 version of the "Unsheltered PIT Workflow for 0630a ART Gallery Report" document. This document is available in the Customer Community Library - "HACS Community Services ClientPoint".
    • Communities that wish to use the 0630a report for counting unsheltered clients must follow the workflow in this document for proper inclusion of clients in the 0630a PIT report.
    • Each unsheltered client must have a unique "Client Unique Id" as the 0630a report uses it for de-duplication purposes to meet HUD requirements.

The following reports will be updated for the HIC/PIT submission during the first half of March:
  • 0628 HIC Supplement – v11 located in the ART Gallery
    • This report will be updated to v12 to account for changes in picklist values for gender, race, ethnicity, and disability type
  • 0629 Housing Inventory Count – v19 located in the ART Gallery
    • This report will be updated to v20 to add new picklist values for Funding Source, update variables for Status field and to use the "Uses ServicePoint" field for calculating HMIS Participating.
    • The ART Gallery version of the HIC report will NOT contain the updated Dedicated Beds in the BUI section. These fields are found in the Qlik Sense REQ 101 sheet in the Admin App in Qlik sense.

WellSky will publish an announcement as each updated report becomes available.

Reminder: Submission of HIC/PIT Data will take place in the HDX. WellSky will provide an update once deadlines are formally announced but the submission period is expected to begin in March and reports are historically due at the end of April.

Please create a case in the Client Community if you have further questions.