HUD System Performance Measures Update

WellSky important update
System Performance Measures submission period began on October 1, 2021 and will end on February 28, 2022.  CoC's will use a combination of Provider (canned) reports and ART Gallery reports for this year's System Performance Measure reporting submission.

Measures 1a and 1b (formerly the 0700 and 07001b reports in the ART Gallery) in Community Services are currently available as a Provider Report.  WellSky is working on several updates to Measures 1a and 1b (summarized below):

  • Addition of requirement for "Yes" filter on Continuum flag on providers
  • Adjustment of code to properly calculate single night ES stays
  • Adjustment of code to propagate Literal Homeless information for members in a household on PH type project stays
  • Adjustment of code to ignore "Method for Tracking ES" for non ES project types

Communities will use ART to submit the remaining measures.  Please note that two of the SPM reports will be updated in ART on January 14 th, 2022 (see below for details).  No other ART Report updates are expected.

  • 0701 Exits to Permanent Housing with Return to Homelessness, Metric 2 - v9
  • 0702 Number of Homeless Persons, Metric 3 - v4
  • 0703 Employment and Income Growth for CoC Funded Projects, Metric 4
    • v8 will release January 14 to update End Date Adjusted for stayers
  • 0704 Number of Persons First Time Homeless, Metric 5 – v7
  • 0706 Permanent Housing Placement-Retention, Metric 7
    • v13 will release January 14 to revert back to v11 code after HUD retracted changes related to "Host Homes"

The issues mentioned above for Measure 1 may cause validation warnings and/or errors in HDX.  WellSky recommends that communities hold their submissions until Measure 1 is updated in a future version of Community Services which is expected to be released the week of January 31 st.  Release availability will be announced in a future announcement.

Please create a case in the Client Community if you have further questions.
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